Lycée Maurice Janetti

St Maximin la Ste Baume - Var

  • A land art project which consists in linking nature and a work of art !
  • Their goal is to turn a school tree that represents their dreams to bring happiness and to break the coolness of winter.

The final tree will be divided into 4 parts and in each zone, a specific theme :

  • hanging objects that represents dreams,
  • wrapping the tree up,
  • hanging pictures linked to the dreams,
  • "mise en abîme"

The final tree will be colourful, decorative and unique...

Miss Thirriard, Mr Couprie, English ant Art teachers, 2ndes


affiche ideas copie


  • GAP YEAR : advantages or disadvantages
  • MOBILITY : opportunity or obligation
  • REALITY TV : harmful or informative
  • NEWS of the week
  • BULLYING : causes conséquences, solutions ?
  • SOCIAL NETWORKS : positive and negative aspects...
  • Inscrivez-vous au CDI !
  • Le jour prévu : prendre votre plateau au restaurant scolaire et aller dans le salon de réception !
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